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Surface 2: Unstable Wifi Connection

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    Surface 2: Unstable Wifi Connection

    My Surface 2 has this issue where it is connected to the wireless network at first and then it gets limited connection followed by no connection until it re- connects. Sometimes it happens a lot, other times a bit more rarely but overall I feel it has been getting worse lately.

    I have tried turning off the router as well as removing that specific connection from the Surface through command prompt and re-connect, but neither has helped.

    I have tried trouble shooting the network to no avail, and according to device manager my network drivers are up to date so I don't know what's going on.

    Is this a common issue and how might I fix it= I'm a bit clueless I'm afraid and I hope something isn't broken...

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    What is the manufacturer & model of your router? What channel is your Wifi on in the Wireless settings for the router, if you are not using a separate WiFi Access Point. Also you can go to and see if this older version of inSSIDer will run on your Surface 2.

    This way you can find out which channels are more congested around your residence, so you can find a less congested one to manually set your Wifi on the router to.

    I use Channel 1 & 5 on my Engenius ECB350 A/P for Wireless-n, which are the two less congested channels around my home. With this unit, I get around -23db for strength. Of course it is a more powerful A/P then what you will find on consumer grade A/P's & routers.

    You want at least -60 or lower for signal strength for wireless signal. Also placement of the wireless A/P can make or break how good of a signal quality you have.
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Surface 2: Unstable Wifi Connection
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