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Windows 8.1, "Find Devices and Content" missing

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    Open regedit, navigate to
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles
    Browse through the subkeys to find your network, change Category to 1.

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    I registered here to answer this question with some specifics as someone touched on the topic of the Virus Protection, but uninstalling "Virus Protection" itself entirely is not necessary and not recommended, but rather look at the program and see if it is an "Internet Security" package.

    It does point one in the right direction and I found that it was my few decades of experience with Windows that led me to believe that there always would be a "button on the Windows side" and a "button on the firewall side", but with Windows 8.1 it can be a little confusing when it comes to "Internet Security" programs that include Virus Protection.

    I have seen this now with both Symantec and Kaspersky, but in short Windows basically turns the keys over to your chosen Internet Security (firewall) program and your choices are handled through that application. We all know that aftermarket Internet Security programs disable and take over the role of Windows Firewall, but I didn't expect the network profile and sharing options to be handled by it as well.

    By setting the Kaspersky firewall's network location to "Local" or "Trusted", this does NOT reflect the status of the profile as anything other than "Public" for a vanilla connection. However, file sharing and network discovery is allowed through Kaspersky as a function of that setting even though the setting for Public is to NOT allow.

    In essence, even though you're not officially notified on the Network and Sharing Center\Advanced Sharing Settings screen that Kaspersky (or other) is handling this like you do with the Windows Firewall screen, essentially the duty for this is extended to that firewall program as well.

    Basically it comes down to the fact that PART of the Windows 8.1 interface knows that the aftermarket firewall is there and turns off those options on the network connection menus, but doesn't let you know why. So, essentially it is a somewhat half-assed attempt to be intelligent and makes good logical sense, but it would be nice to at least place a banner above the "Advanced Sharing Settings" that they are controlled by your chosen firewall program.

    Interestingly, my laptop is Windows 8.0 and my desktop is Windows 8.1 with both running the same version of Kaspersky Internet Security and 8.0 still displays the options while 8.1 does not. Perhaps Windows 10 will provide better communication.

    I hope this helps everyone...
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    Windows 8.1

    I had same issue with being unable to access my PS3 as a renderer. I installed the Universal Media Server as suggested and it had same problem. However, it suggested I go to the General Configuration tab and try another port than the default of 5001. I entered 5002 and it worked. Big green check icon popped up immediately. BTW UMS seems to work really well on my PS3.

    I decided to uninstall the DivX and TVersity media servers thinking they might be using up available ports. Rebooted and then changed port on PS3 media server to 5003 and it worked. It sees the Playstation 3 and Windows Media Player as renderers.

    Hope this helps someone.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    In my case the fix was to set UAC to the default level. After doing that I was able to see the "Find Devices and Content" toggle. After toggling it I set UAC back to the maximum setting.

    Hope this helps.
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Windows 8.1, "Find Devices and Content" missing
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