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Win 8 pc user change | Cant rename C:\Users |connect by IP

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    Win 8 pc user change | Cant rename C:\Users |connect by IP

    Here is my problem :

    I have 4 pc's with Windows 8 Pro ,all in one home group , all the pc's have reserved IP's from my router.

    from - .I want to say that i don't have any problems accessing the pc's each other but the problem comes when i try to change the User account name on one of them ,then i cant access this pc anymore no matter what I enter in the fields when it ask me before I try to access a share on it .

    For example : has Old user - User1 and i perfectly access any of the shares by the run - \\ but as soon as I change the name of the account to User2 and try to enter by \\ and user - User2 + same password I get the login screen redisplayed and asking me to correct either the user or the password which is obviously correct.

    I have noticed that : C:\Users\User1 is not changed to C:\Users\User2 ,could that be the problem ?? I also played with the security options of any of the shared folders but no any luck again.

    Can someone help me to find the cause of this and successfully change the account with my new user and enter my shares with no problem .

    Thank you in Advance

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    i think that is the problem because your PC may not have Administrator acsess to change the username.Did you logged in with the admin account??.Or you have to turn homegroup off edit the username and turn it on again.Did you tried that?
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    The only account that is on the pc is Admin account ,,I will try to desable homegroup rename and enable it ... will post back soon
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Win 8 pc user change | Cant rename C:\Users |connect by IP
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