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File sharing an accessible computer on different router.

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    File sharing an accessible computer on different router.

    I may not be expressing this correctly, but hopefully someone can follow me !

    What is working;

    • I have a five pc's (PC01 to PC05) on my main Router1 with static IP's for each pc. No issues there. PCO1 is Windows 8, rest are Win7.
    • As well I have a sixth pc (PC06) , on a secondary Router2, that is set up for Unblock US. PC06 is Windows 8.
    • I have full remote access to and from any pc (including PC06). I use TeamViewer - point is I clearly I have access from one router to the other
    • From any machine on Router 1, can ping any other Router 1 machine
    • From PC06, I 'can" ping any machine on Router 1.

    What is limiting

    • from within File Manager, say on PC01, I can see all my other pc's (the ones off Router1), but I cannot access PC06 (the one off Router2). I realize this is "working-as-designed"
    • From any machine on Router1, I cannot ping this machine.

    QUESTION - Is there a simple change I can make to have PC06 available to me from within file manager, just like the the rest of my machines??? That is, can I have the ability to see PC06 when using File Manager running on PC01.

    Router overview of IP addresses:
    Router 1
    Local IP Address192.168.0.1
    SubMask :
    Starting IPaddress of
    Static IPaddresses: PC01) PC02) PC03) PC04) PC05)

    WIRELESS ACCESS POINTS (forWireless Access point 1) Wireless Access point 2) Wireless Access point 2)
    Router 2
    Local IP Address192.168.1.1
    Starting IPaddress of
    Dynamic IPaddresses: PC06 ) <<<<< (forRoku) Blu Ray) Ipad, etc, etc

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    Thinking this through, at first I thought its not that one router can see other - the networks are in fact separate - it's that the Teamviewer web service serves as the link. ... but then again, per above, "From PC06, I 'can" ping any machine on Router 1 .

    So perhaps my file manager desire is an option....without having to go to Plan B - ie drop the second router and use unblock-us on my main router.
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    If the goal is simply just to share files, a good option is to set up an ftp server on one machine from each network.

    This way, you can send or receive to the other network from the one you are sitting at. Bulletproof FTP server is good.

    Then use FlashFXP as the client software.
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    The goal is just one above sharing files. I can actually share files now using TeamViewer itself (file transfer mode).

    But what I can do to 'select' the PC06 computer in other software running on PC01, as it cant see PC06. For example , I am a heavy user of Vice Versa, to keep files in synced/backed up, between various computers. It all work perfect, except and I cannot include PC06 and ViceVersa cannot see it.
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    I just found a workaround.

    While ideally I would like to see PC06 from PC01 in File Explorer, the primary goal is to get Vice Versa working between these machines, so what I did was this:

    1) on PC06, I created a mapped drive by specifying the IP address of PC01 (which got me to Add Network Location).
    2) Installed Vice Versa on PC06 and initiated the sync from there.

    Still not perfect, but good enough for now.
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    I guess that disabling DHCP on the secondary router so as to place everything in the same subnet is too simple of a solution.

    I'm sure there is a good reason for using two different subnets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chev65 View Post
    I guess that disabling DHCP on the secondary router so as to place everything in the same subnet is too simple of a solution.

    I'm sure there is a good reason for using two different subnets.
    Yes there is. Disabling DCHP or Router 2, means making the DNS entries for UnlbockUS on Rourter1, which means DNS redirection for every connected device in the house, which I wanted to avoid, in case there were :
    1) outages/problems with UnblockUS, - thus would affecting everything device in the house instead of just a handful
    2) sites I needed to access which would no longer be accessible. thus would affecting everything device in the house instead of just a handful. I know DNS redirection is not IP redirection, so this may not be an issue, but I ahd the second router on hand anyway so I simply set it up that way.

    If the dual router setup proves to me too restrictive , I could reconfigure to one.

    Purpose of my post was to ask if there ware any (other) simple steps I could take, with IP subnets or masks, that might be available to me, that would allows me to see PC06 in File Manager.
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    When you disable DHCP on the second router it would then "eventually" pick up an IP in the correct subnet from the first router, then every device connected through the second router would acquire it's IP and DNS from the first router through DHCP. The secondary router becomes a switch/access point when connected LAN to LAN.

    If you were concerned about DNS you can always use static DNS servers for any particular machine through it's IPv4 properties interface.

    You can also set up a static route between the two subnets using the routers firmware, although some routers can't do this.

    Now I haven't a clue on UnblockUS and it's particular DNS requirements.
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    So much for keeping it simple

    Yes, correct, if I disable Router2, it simple acts a switch. That was my point - the DNS entries ( the ones supplied by UnblockUS) would therefore need to go on the only remaining router, the main router - perfectly doable, but has the concerns noted above. AS to avoiding the router entries, one cannot always assume that DMS entries can be done on the device, and some device do not allow you to set them (eg Roku)., ie the DNS redirection MUST be at the router level.
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    Interestingly my Asus RT-AC66U router which is set up as an A/P with DHCP turned off has a separate setting for DNS where I can enable DNS on devices connected only through this A/P even though it's not set up as the gateway. So I can have separate DNS settings on both the gateway and the A/P even though the gateway is the only one handling DHCP.

    The problem is that not all routers have this particular DNS setting but certainly some do so it might be worth checking the firmware on the second router to see if this can be done.
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File sharing an accessible computer on different router.
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