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Media Streaming and Sharing in Windows 8

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    Media Streaming and Sharing in Windows 8

    Does the settings for them go back to default (on) every time the modem is reset or the network name changed?

    Can anybody on the (home) network can control it but me?

    Why does media streaming automatically gets turned on?
    (I donít even have any public folders)

    How can I see who is accessing which files through sharing?

    (I can find this by myself, I did it in Windows 7, will now check sevenforums; but) Is there any old or new way to check all the shared folders in Windows 8?

    I donít want sharing settings to change when the connection, or the connection name has changed; how can I do this?

    I only realized that sharing was on when I tried to rename and move a file. It said it is open somewhere else. Of course it didnít tell me where, but I guessed it could be someone in the house. It didnít show me which computer was accessing what? Can I find that out next time it happens?

    Yes, I want to put my music into music folder, but that doesnít mean that I want them to be accessed by the network (As I mentioned before, I donít have any public folders -or somehow I donít see them [show hidden files are on])

    When I click any library folders (or even any other folder, even in an external drive); stop sharing is always an option, but clicking it doesnít change anything, stop sharing option still stays on. When I click on sharing settings, I only see my username as the owner.

    Any library (or any media file on pc) can be accessed this easily? Even without writing a username and password?

    I guess this is enough for now.


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    The following link explains how sharing works in Windows 8, I would read the part about how to un-share folders since the Users folders are shared out by default so you would need to un-share or use the 'Share With' Nobody option for each folder. Basically the opposite of how it was with Windows 7.

    shared by default??
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    I unshared C:\Users folder. Hope did right.

    Anything else I can do to make sure, sharing is never on even if the network name is changed or the modem is reset, or on a new connection. I chose all options to off from Advanced Sharing Settings in Network in Control Panel.

    I unshared the c:\users because I couldnít unshare subfolders:

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version

    And how come it says they need a password, when everybody can see it without a username a password:

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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    That looks like the documents folder from what I can tell, notice where it says documents properties, so that probably won't have the desired effect.

    If you uncheck from the sharing tab of the C: Users folder then none of the Users folders will be sharable, it's all controlled from the C: Users folder.

    If you don't want to share anything then just turn off File and Printer sharing in the Network and Sharing center.

    If you don't want your machine to be visible on the network then you can also turn off Network Discovery.

    The link I posted also shows where you can un-share a particular folder with "nobody", you need to do this from the user name of the network folder as is shown in the picture.

    I don't field questions about password protected sharing because it does not work as it should in the first place.
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    Thanks for explaining the nobody option and how should I do it.
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Media Streaming and Sharing in Windows 8
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