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Unzipped files blocked from preview in file explorer?

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    Unzipped files blocked from preview in file explorer?

    I often unzip compressed folders sent to me by email containing several pdf files. When opened in file explorer the preview pane is blocked.

    I have to right click and select properties, then click unblock button individually on each file if I want to preview them in the preview pane.

    Does anyone know a way I can set an option either to not automatically block these files when transferred from compressed email attachment to the folder?

    Or does anyone know a way I can use the parent directory and unblock all the files in all the subfolders at once?

    Thanks in advance, I searched many hours and can't find the answer to this.

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    Windows 8.1 (x64)

    As I understand it the Block option comes from a file having low integrity level (usual when dowloading from internet). It's part of the file permission system since Vista I think.

    There are various utilities to modify those permissions, in your case the best bet is probably CHML, a little command-line app : chml: a tool to control Windows Integrity Levels

    You can use it manually in a command prompt or make a .bat file to automatize, something like this should work :

    cd \PDF
    for /r %%f in (*.*) do chml "%%f" -rl -b
    This first line changes the current drive to D then the current working directory to \PDF, modify these lines as you see fit.
    The last line removes integrity levels from all files in the folder (D:\PDF) and all its subfolders recursively (/r).
    Copy the text in notepad then save as something.bat. Click on it to execute.

    Note : I never noticed your problem when decompressing via 7-zip (7-Zip), maybe using that instead of the built-in windows zip might solve your problem...
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    Thanks- nearly

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm not PC savvy, though I did what you suggested. When I executed it a dos screeen came up and it ran something, however the pdf's still are blocked in the subfolders. I changed D: to C: because it is in the documents folder on the desktop, under the C: drive. I also moved it to a sub folder with the blocked files in it and tried, it did not work.

    I will try 7-Zip next and see if that works. I appreciate your suggestions.

    *edit* I looked at - it may as well have been written in Japanese I'm afraid. Way out of my depth
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Unzipped files blocked from preview in file explorer?
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