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What is the actual username of win 8 user?

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    What is the actual username of win 8 user?

    I am really confused by all the different names given to a single user profile on windows 8. For example, when I look in the Administrators group on my computer, I simply see my profile listed as Joe. When I go to give permissions to a folder under the security tab, then edit. I click add, and simply enter Joe. I click check names, it checks the name, and adds me to the list of Group or user names with access. The odd thing is, that instead of the name "Joe" simply being listed there. I see it in the syntax *Joe Last Name (microsoft account email address)*. This is extremely confusing as I don't know what my actual account name is.

    To make matters even MORE confusing, when I use logmein to login to my computer the correct login user name is "Joe Lastname." Logmein always needs the regular username when logging in so apparently thats what it thinks my username is.

    So at this point I have three different possiblities for my actual username:
    1. "Joe"
    2. "Joe Lastname"
    3 "Joe Lastname (microsoft account email address)"

    I run into an issue here in that I have a shared folder on my brothers computer. I want create a local account on my brothers computer named after MY account on my computer so that I may share things accross the network specifically to my computer only. The only problem is I have no idea what to make the name of this new profile.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me. I'm not sure if I explained this correctly or garbled up my explanation but feel free to have me enunciate on something.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Hi there. It is rather confusing at first. It was for me, but with some reading I got it. It has to do with "aliases". I sign into my 8/8.1 with my Live account. The MS email account is one's primary account name since it's one's "primary account alias" of which one gets to choose:

    Microsoft Account - Change Email Address in Windows 8

    Microsoft Account Aliases - Add or Remove

    Of whick Brink links this: Use aliases to add email addresses to your account - Microsoft Windows Help

    Then there's what they call a display name, of which one can change online in one's account that shows up on Start Screen and File Explorer. I get this as security ownership in File Explorer: My disply name ( I'm not sure if the display name changes there if one changes it online, but the email address wouldn't, I'm sure.

    How Logmein remote connectivity handles it I wouldn't know.

    Then there's rumors that MS may kill off aliases: Microsoft killing linked accounts for aliases
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What is the actual username of win 8 user?
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