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Windows 8 Store Not connecting

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    Windows 8 Store Not connecting

    wondering the same thing (I get the same error). I tweaked something wrong but can't remember what. Sadly comodo time machine doesn't work with RAID.

    I've tried winsock and tcpip reset, as well as general cache clearing and invalidation. It's not a firewall problem, and NO I am NOT using a system proxy. I only use a VPN or tor on-demand since I am at college.

    The only things that have been modified since the original installation in the winsock/LSP is proxifier, both x64 and x32 subsystems. I've already looked at the modules, nothing. I've experienced that PaleMoon x64 modifies the LSP, or did back 2 years ago. I don't monitor that anymore, except a mindful winsock reset here and there, then re-installation of the proxifier module for both subsystems. Thunder Lite does modify that, but I have the peerIDs blocked from China (before you ask, NO I am NOT infected. I am a cybersecurity enthusiast). I don't use proxifier for apps....just some few, specific applications...

    I run some servers, but they're nginx, not IIS. I use wifi but I also use ethernet, it works on neither.

    I am wondering, though I've tried doing all of this, does it have compatibility issues with either privoxy (even when it's not intercepting requests), adfender, dynamicdns, peerblock (even with proper ranges without the specifics, set for port exceptions and microsoft IPs, and http allowed, though the store doesn't use that I don't think), and/or virtualbox virtual ethernet adapters? Does it use bluetooth because I disable those adapters. It's not opendns, but I'd be willing to explore that path, though I'm doubtful.

    I flush the dns often, and I've tried over and over to flush the ARP cache, invalidate CRL data, as well as re-enable UPnP which I generally keep disabled,

    to no avail. I also need to know the port numbers, to make sure they're not specifically being blocked.

    Also would disabling netbios cause the problem?

    the closest to anything-microsoft blocked in my HOSTS is atdmt, but that's it. All the rest are just general bugs, nothing else microsoft, and it's happened before I tweaked that.

    any ideas?

    Also, in my case, this is not ISP, and I AM in the U.S. But that's not really pertinent to my mutual interest in the port numbers...

    thanks in advance for any info.

    oh and does win8store offer support for tunneling through kerberos? I've tried disabling that despite the fact those both authentications are marked as optional, but still no luck. I haven't tried re-enabling LMHosts...

    Also, What if we don't use an antivirus? It's been going on for a week or two so far, and it went back to normal when untweaking stuff, but then re-tweaking made it come back. However, untweaking it again, assuming I've untweaked the right thing, it doesn't fix it....
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Windows 8 Store Not connecting
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