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No internet traffic (mostly)

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    No internet traffic (mostly)

    Hello, all!

    Trying to fix my wife's computer (Toshiba Ultrabook, purchased 08/2013, W8 as a standalone workstation) - I haven't been on it ever before; not very W8 fluent.


    Can't load anything in IE or Firefox, including local router web interface
    Can't RDC or FTP
    CAN ping websites

    On login, balloon appears:
    Failed to connect to windows service; Windows couldn’t connect to the Windows All-User Install Agent service
    Service isn't running, but starts on my command without issue. It's set for Automatic startup. Starting service does not resolve any issues.

    Ran SFC... From cbs log:
    DIRSD OWNER WARNING – about 600 instances, mostly in C:\windows
    "Ignoring duplicate ownership for directory…" another 600 instances

    My wife's account is an Admin account. While in her account, I created a new user account, also admin. This new account has the same issues as my wife's.

    I don't know of any other problems with this computer.

    Starting to run out of ideas, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    As another bit of info, this weekend my wife used an older WD external USB HD for the first time. She didn't experience any difficulties, except the "safely remove device" attempt was never successful. Not sure if this is correlation or coincidence.
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    Hello, did this problem start right after installing or updating an antivirus program?
    Lets see if its a browser or a Network problem.
    Install another browser either from download if you can or bring it from another pc via usb stick.
    Are you wireless or wired?
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    The issue has been resolved.

    I had suspected Norton as well.

    MalwareBytes Anti Malware, with new definitions, didn't detect anything.

    However, adwcleaner did report finding "pokki" malware, and removed it. I didn't experience any other malware symptoms other than what I described above. Very odd.

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No internet traffic (mostly)
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