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How To Require Wireless Router To Ask For Password

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    How To Require Wireless Router To Ask For Password

    I have my private wireless router setup so that when I select it the password is provided automatically.

    How do I force the system to ask for the password each time I connect?


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    In the wireless properties for the connection is a box you can uncheck.
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    Can you show me? I don't see it in "Properties" for my router...
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    your question was how to change it in the system...there is no info on your hardware in your system specs...
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    here's what I did to get to wireless properties.

    1) Right click on the wireless icon in the system tray. Select "Open Network and Sharing Center"
    2) Double click on the name of my wireless connection to the right of "Connections:"
    3) Select "Wireless Properties" in the dialog box.
    4) In the "Connection" tab I see my password stored but no box to check/uncheck to prevent it from being stored.
    5) No box in the "Security" tab either.
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    Left click on the network signal icon in the system tray, click once on your connection, it opens and shows connect/disconnect button, right click on the open box and select, View Connection Properties
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    There is no "open" box. Just a "disconnect" box and nothing happens when I right click on it.
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    don't right click on the button, right click an an empty space to the left of the should get a box with options...
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    Tried right clicking joy
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    ...its the same thing you change here in network and sharing, click on the connection name, wireless properties...
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How To Require Wireless Router To Ask For Password
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