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Unable to access/open shared folders from ext HD

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    Unable to access/open shared folders from ext HD

    Hello to the community,

    Appreciate any help I can get with my peculiar problem.

    I have a bunch of folders that are shared from external hard drives, connected to my new windows 8 machine.

    Other computers/phones/tablets at home on the same network can access folders from the internal HD on my main computer.

    But, with shared folders from external hard drives - despite showing up while accessing the network cannot be opened or read from connected devices or other computers on the network.

    I'm a relative amateur when it comes to networking but I did not have this issue with my older windows 7 home computer.

    Thank you for reading and appreciate all the help I can get.

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    Are the external drives connected to other Windows machines or are you using a NAS type box connected to a router?
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    Hello Chev65,

    The external HD's are connected to my main computer, which is on the same network as every other device and computer at home. The setup is very basic in that, my main computer is wired via an ethernet cable to the modem/router, a D-Link DSL 2750U.

    The above setup worked seamlessly with Windows 7, to reiterate.
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    This usually requires that you go into the Security tab of the drive and add check marks for full access on the Everyone share per the link below. If you require full access to the drive then start from the root of the drive rather than the Users folder.

    HDD sharing - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Unable to access/open shared folders from ext HD
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