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Cannot DISCONNECT a shared Computer on Network

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    Windows 8.1 Clean Install

    PLEASE HELP! Windows 8.1 Can't DISCONNECT shared Computer


    Surely SOMEONE out there knows how to fix my dilemma. If I have not provided enough information. Please tell me what you need to know. I really need a solution for this. Stopping the share at the Windows 7 machine disrupts other computers. So, that is not really a solution.
    Windows 8.1x64 clean install from dvd. I have a private network configured as a Workgroup consisting of a W2000 photocopy machine,XP desktop, W7 desktop and laptop and now a Windows 8.1 desktop. During the initial installation I have files on the Windows 7 desktop I need so from Windows Explorer I clicked on the Windows 7 computer to gain access to the password shared folders and their files.
    I entered the User and Password info and clicked the "stay connnected" as I expected to reboot several times during this computers installation.

    Everything worked just great UNTIL I no longer wanted the connection to the Windows 7 computer.
    On XP and even Windows 7 it was trivial to Disconnect a computer that I had established a share with.

    However, on Windows 8.1 I cannot figure out how to do it. How do I disconnect the share with the Windows 7 computer?

    This may seem trivial but I cannot figure it out. Obviously I can disconnect from the W7 computer but that computer is shared with others as well. And then the other computers would have to re-establish their shares. And, that would just be a work around.

    Please help me by telling me the right way to do this...

    Thanks in advance!
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    Windows 8.1 Clean Install

    I give up. Perhaps someone on another website can help me.
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Cannot DISCONNECT a shared Computer on Network
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