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Confused about AD-HOC mode Windows RT

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    Confused about AD-HOC mode Windows RT

    So, I think I have gotten myself in a tizzy for no reason. Maybe.

    I am purchasing a Windows 8 phone and the ultimate goal is to create an ad-hoc network
    between it and my Windows RT (8.1) tablet. (for certain reasons)

    I was reading online about Ad-Hoc as I have not directly done this before in Windows 8 and I ran into several
    posts that said Windows RT does not support Ad-Hoc networks.
    Maybe they meant it could not connect to an ad-hoc network. My goal was the create
    a new ad-hoc network on my Windows RT and then have my Windows 8 phone connect to it.

    I was getting a bit upset when more posts in other forums were seaming to corroborate Windows RT
    could not connect to an ad-hoc network.

    So, I just followed the NETSH commands to go a head an attempt to create an ad-hoc network on my
    Windows RT expecting to get whatever nasty messages I was due to get. It looked like it actually created
    the network. I then used my current Android phone (I am replacing it with a Windows 8 phone) to connect
    to the newly created ad-hoc network and it seemed to connect to it just fine.

    So, whats with all the posts about Windows RT not supporting ad-hoc? Or and I right in that they were speaking
    of connecting to an existing ad-hoc and not hosting its own ad-hoc network?

    Any insights would be welcome.
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    Maybe Windows RT cannot connect to an other ad-hoc (hostednetwork) network, if i make an ad-hoc network i cannot connect with my Iphone but i can connect with a android phone. Maybe the same thin with RT.
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    Yes, I am assuming it just can't connect to an existing ad-hoc but it can host an ad-hoc. Which is really weird.
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Confused about AD-HOC mode Windows RT
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