Hope somebody can help me out, im trying to wake up my pc over the internet and unfortunatly it doesnīt work, i will explain what i did so far.
First of all i created a dynamic DNS at dyndns.org because i donīt have a static ip, after this i logged into my router and assigned this dynamic DNS to forward traffic, i opened port 9 and forwarded it to the ip of the pc i want to wake up. I also forwarded it to the broadcast ip, on the pc i enabled wake on lan and wake on magic paket on my ethernet card also i enabled wake on magic paket in the properties of the advanced tab of my ethernet card. Then i went to energy options and disabled fast startup option in windows 8. Ok so far so good, i picked up wireshark to see if the magic pakets are comming in and i can see the magic pakets comming in without problems. But when i try to wake up my PC it doesnīt work and i donīt know why, it works when i try it over LAN but not from outside, before i forgot i also enabled the wake on lan option in my BIOS. Any suggestion or help would be appreciated.