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Everything I can find to get round this problem involves right clicking on the HD->properties->Security->Owner and then going on to changing a few settings.

There is no owner tab! Is this an 8.1 thing? Have they removed it? Van I get it back?
Are you working from the root of the drive or the Users folder which is shared out be default?
Have hust realised what you mean I am using the users fold, should I shift it all to the root?
Yes it takes most people awhile to realize that by default Windows controls the Users shares through the Users folder and not the root of the C drive.

You should only change permissions on the C drive if you require access to all Users folders and all system folders as well.

And yes as you change permissions it cascades down the file structure and takes awhile to click though it all.

One way to avoid these pitfalls is to use the same user name and password when you set up the Op system on these drives.