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Remote Desktop Connection - How to find my IP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottishAxe View Post
    I think my error may have been not expanding the Remote Desktop Connection screen to show all options. I was only entering the IP address or computer name into the "Computer:" section.

    I'm not sure what to do with the User name. The only user name I have is my Microsoft Account (email address). I use this to log into both machines, and assumed I could/should use that to log in when using Remote Desktop. On the host machine when I look at users allowed to remote in it says my account has access.
    You aren't sure what your own User name is?

    It's not the msoft email, it's the name you used when you created the account Your name-PC.

    Same as the one circled in blue "click on this PC" next to the msoft email address in the picture which should make it very clear.

    Use this name, either IP or full PC name first line, second line don't add the -PC part.

    This is very simple and you are really overthinking this.

    This is about all I can do to help.
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    Scotsman living in the USA
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    Windows 8.1 Pro (64-Bit)

    Thanks Ok, I get you about the username now.
    I know this is becoming more complex than it ever should be

    I'm sure I'll report back here soon with a success story.
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    Scotsman living in the USA
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    Windows 8.1 Pro (64-Bit)

    Alright...we have some success And more questions

    I have successfully created a Remote Desktop Connection within my home network. I did this using my IPv4 address and my actual Microsoft Account email/password. When first trying to connect I got this error:
    Click image for larger version
    I got around this error by unchecking the option on the host machine: Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended)
    Click image for larger version

    It would not accept my "Username", eg Bob. It only worked with my Microsoft Account. I tried various ways to connect: entering both IP and Username manually (didn't work), and then just the IP and it then gave me the correct User as shown here:
    Click image for larger version

    Upon connection I received this warning:
    Click image for larger version

    After accepting that warning I was able to successfully connect.

    So now the questions:
    1. "Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended)" - what do I need to do to use this? What is it?

    2. Should I be concerned/do anything regarding the certificate warning?

    3. What do I need to do to connect externally? I know my external IP. A previous poster in this thread linked to some Port Forwarding rules I need to set up on my router? Is this the correct advice and method for me to use to connect from outside my home network?

    Thanks a lot for the help!
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    Not sure about the cert. requirement, it may be an Enterprise thing. NO idea on earth why it didn't work using IP and user name although I'm pretty sure those credentials were not entered correctly because it certainly works for me.

    So finally remote desktop is working but now you are trying to remote in from outside the network?

    Generally speaking remote desktop is for inside your own network but I believe can be used from outside the network although there are better programs for this like Team Viewer TeamViewer - Free Remote Control, Remote Access & Online Meetings

    For remote in from outside the network using Windows remote you would also need the Public IP of the machine you are going to connect to. Open your router's configuration screen and forward TCP port 3389 to the destination computer's IP address "Public" address means the IP going out or WAN address. More directions for Windows remote from outside the network in the link.

    Allow Remote Desktop connections from outside your home network

    Click on this link to find the Public IP, you need the Public IP from the machine you need to connect to > What Is My IP | Shows Your IP Address.
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    Scotsman living in the USA
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    Windows 8.1 Pro (64-Bit)

    Correct. Remote desktop is working inside my network. I now want to get it working from outside the network.
    I used to use Remote Desktop several years ago (Win XP) to remote into my office server to run backup jobs.

    I had a quick look at TeamViewer. Sure looks like a solution but I'd be interested to find out more about the pros and cons of Remote Desktop vs TeamViewer.

    I have the public IP of my network. I'll go ahead and configure the port forward and give windows Remote Desktop a go.
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Remote Desktop Connection - How to find my IP?
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