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SKY DRIVE - No Access

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    SKY DRIVE - No Access

    I recently removed/deleted a microsoft account due to its severe interference with Skype.

    I have now created another which does not, BUT .......... I cannot access my skydrive and all the folders in there. It said to use my microsoft account to do so, so I entered the 'new' account and it said to use a different account; this was the same problem I had with skype so its obviously a MS problem.

    I do not have alternative accounts and I am sure many do not.

    I want to access my sky drive so I can download all the saved stuff to enable to to upload it to the new skydrive account that exists on the new MS account, confused - damn right I am. Why does things with Microsoft have to be so damned awkward.

    How do I access my 'old skydrive' account from an account it refused to recognise in the first place?

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    I cant seem to edit the post??

    I have just tried to log into my new skydrive account - it refuses, your account cannot be cretaed on this pc - sod it - bye sky drive, looking elsewhere
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    Hello Mike,

    After 60 minutes, posts are not able to be edited again. This was done to prevent new members from accidently editing out their post.

    Your SkyDrive is tied to the Microsoft account that you created it with. If you close/deactivate the Microsoft account, you also close the SkyDrive you signed in with the same Microsoft account.

    You will not be able to sign in to the old SkyDrive account with the new Microsoft account since that is not the same Microsoft account that you setup the old SkyDrive with.

    Since you say you just recently closed the old Microsoft account, you might see if you may be able to sign in to the old Microsoft account online at:‎ to reactive or reopen it.

    If not, then you might see if you may be able to recover it using the Microsoft links below.

    Hope this helps,
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    Skydrive also changed my local account log in to passworded automatically; yep, had this problem before. So In pc tools I changed it back again and thought I'd leave it be. Was lying in bed and thought - hang on, there is a way. So booted pc up and created another passworded account via account and installed sky drive shortcut and it works!!

    Skydrive was on start menu but the configuration was a terrible mess, so to avoid that I went to skydrive in google and created a bookmark, and installed that on desktop, much better configuration!!
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    brink after 60 mins cant edit - try 60 seconds
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    just went back to try edit - not available. Also I am experiencing the same unable to use reply boxes again, then it works, then it does not !!!!
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    See if logging out, delete your cookies, and log back in may help if the cookie was corrupted.

    What browser and site skin are you using again?
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    bloody weird, could not reply then it all works. I have tried everything, deleted cookies, replaced browser as default, reversed decision, reloaded browser, deleted browser, alles, as they say in Germany. This did not work 1 min ago ,then it does.
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    Hopefully it was just a glitch, and will continue to work properly now.
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SKY DRIVE - No Access
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