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Is anyone else having this problem?

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    The 7 machine only left off the -5G part at the end.

    I'm curious to what the problem might be. This problem doesn't seem to be related to the network set up since the shares work from a non Microsoft account.

    The only thing I can think of is that the User profile for the Windows live ID is messed up although the DISM repair scan would normally fix that.

    The link shows how to fix this problem by creating a new User profile then moving the User files to the new profile.

    Fix corrupt profile in windows 8? - Repair

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    im not sure if its just cut off or not because the 2.4ghz SSID is NETGEAR00 and the 5ghz is NETGEAR00-5G ... But yea this problem is very strange... Right now I am on my laptop with 7pro .. and I just accessed a shared folder on my 8 machine with no problem, But if I go to my 8 machine and try to access one of the shared folders on here than no good....Do you think if the profile is corrupted it would be like that on any machine that I log onto with it? Because if that was the case than re-installing windows and starting off with the windows live account wouldn't even matter if I am bringing a corrupt account onto the new machine?
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    Not sure if both machines would be effected or not, but the user account you are using has problems that is for sure. The wireless doesn't create two different subnets for 2.4 and 5 GHz so it shouldn't matter about the network name. Besides, the sharing worked when you were using a local account so maybe just changing that same account to an Admin account then associate the Windows Live ID with that account may fix the problem. Be sure and create a password as well.

    I certainly hope there isn't a third party anti virus software involved here.

    You can change the local account " sharing works" into an Admin account "first link" then associate the new Admin account with the same Windows live ID email "second link".

    User Account Type - Change in Windows 8

    Microsoft Account - Change Email Address in Windows 8
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    I will give that a shot chev, thanks again. And I do have kaspersky but I was having that problem before I installed it, I have shut it off and still had the problem. Even when I reinstalled windows I tried before I put in kaspersky and it was still the same., I am going to try and create a local account and see what happens, if I can share with that and then associate that account with the live account like you say, but I'm going to have to create a new local account.
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Is anyone else having this problem?
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