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Won't detect the ethernet cable.

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    I think that if the last router worked then the problem is with the new router and not the operating system. You should try using another router.

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    Sorry for being so late, but I've tried it with another one and it still did not work.
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    Do you remember how you solved this bug? I have the same problem
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    Okay let me tell you my problem and the reason for updating in this thread.

    I have a Windows 8 system. I am having issues connecting to internet(LAN cable).This was working fine a few days back. If I change the hard disk and connect a different hard disk which has Windows 7 it works perfectly fine. Notice the only thing changed here is the hard disk with different OS in it. This confirms that issue is not with the lan/ethernet cable/port.

    I am currently seeing this message - "Ethernet 2 doesn't have a valid IP configuration".
    When I checked the IP that's assigned this is what it says:

    Autoconfiguration Ipv4 Address
    Ipv4 Subnet Mask 255:255:0:0

    Then i tried going to command prompt and gave
    ipconfig /release

    This wasn't of much help as it failed with some error message

    Then I tried running sfc/scannow and dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth looking at some of the posts posted here and online.

    Running dism I am getting the same error as reported in this thread.

    I have couple of questions:
    1) Are these right steps to follow to fix this for internet connection issue ?
    2) What do i need to get this valid ip configuration issue resolved ?

    Note: There is no issue with the cable because i fixed another hard disk and booted and the internet was connecting there.

    I don't have much idea in all this.I followed some of the things which were posted on net and checked.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Won't detect the ethernet cable.
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