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Skydrive, removing old computers

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    Skydrive, removing old computers

    Ok, so I've got 2 Windows 8.1 boxes that I am playing around with at work. Both are using my @live account for logins. Both boxes are activated with my MSDN MAK Key.

    I've checked under Charms, and the Skydrive settings box and I have everything set to synchronize.

    Once I make a desktop change on one computer, within about 5 minutes I see it on the other computer.

    My question

    #1). How do I see how many computers are synced, and lets say that I want to manually remove a computer that died, or was stolen...Is there anyway through skydrive web interface to remove a computer that I no longer want to sync with? I haven't been able to find anything.

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    Hello Patrick,

    You could use the method in the tutorial below to view and delete a PC's saved synced settings.

    Hope this helps.
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    Skydrive, can you explain the "Back Up Settings" option?

    I'm in the SkyDrive app, sync settings, and the very last option says"

    Back up settings
    If you back up your settings to SkyDrive, you can restore them to your PC in the future. Any PC Settings you choose not to sync can still be backed up".

    I have this feature set to ON.

    If I log into the skydrive website, and then pick Options, and go to Device Settings, I'm told
    "You donít have any devices that are backing up settings to SkyDrive."

    So, I'm just a bit confused. My sync is setup, a change on one desktop, shows up on the other computer within about 5 minutes.

    So, is there a process to manually kick off a backup that should show on Skydrive, so when I setup a new computer, it says, "hey here are some points that you can pick from"?

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    Hey Brink,

    Problem here is that neither of my 2 VM's, (node1 or node2), even show up under Device settings on the skydrive page. Maybe it's just a timing issue as I only created these machines a few hours ago and they haven't had time to do whatever they need to do.
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    I'm afraid that I don't know the exact schedule it uses, but it may take a bit before it actually syncs the PC's settings to SkyDrive. I'd give it about 24 hours though. The PC will also need to be a trusted PC before it will be synced.

    Sync Your Settings - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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    Any hints as to how to make this "PC trusted" I knew how to do it before with Windows 8.0, but not seeing the darn button on Windows 8.1.
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    Sure thing mate.

    If you see a Verify option in your settings, then your PC is not yet set as a trusted PC. Be sure to check the I sign in frequently on this device. Don't ask me for a code box to make it trusted.

    If you don't see Verify, then your PC is most likely already trusted.

    Microsoft Account Trusted Devices - Add or Remove
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    Ok, well I don't see the Verify my settings option, so I'm good. I did have to get the codes sent to my email and then input.

    Guess I will just give it time now and see if it shows up tomorrow on the website. Sounds like it should all be automated without me really lifting a finger.
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    Yep, it's all automated once setup. It should hopefully show up soon.
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    Looks like no option to remove just one computer, gotta remove them all if one is stolen. Guess it's better save than sorry.
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Skydrive, removing old computers
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