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Windows 8.1 Download Speed Issue

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    Thanks for all of the help so far! The driver for the Inspiron N7010 is version according to the compatibility section on the dell website. I am assuming that the driver has to match the computer model correct? Can you use another driver for the same NIC board in a different PC? Otherwise, I do appreciate the suggestions thus far and am still taking suggestions on my issue.

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    Why not just follow the directions from the link which have already been proven to work and which I have already posted the directions for? You just extract the drivers to a directory of your choice, if you are looking for suggestions this is the one that works.

    From the link that oneeyed posted.

    I seemed to have found a solution to my issue. I was able to find a Win 7 driver that solves my Windows 8 driver issue with very slow and intermittent/dropped WiFi connections for the Dell 1510 N WLAN (Broadcom 4322) WiFi adapter.

    The driver I found is: Network_Driver_WD35F_WN_5.100.235.12_A37I found it here:
    Driver Details | Dell US

    The the auto installer will not run without error. However, it will allow you to extract the files from the driverpackage to a directory of your choice. Then you can point Windows 8 driver change/update utility ('Have Disk') to that directory - 'Drivers/Win7/WL' and select the bcmwl6.inf to install a driver (Broadcom v. hope this helps others.
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    Okay, I apologize it has been a while but here is an update on my issue that is unresolved. I took your advice and upgraded the driver to no avail. I even went as far as to install a DW1520 Wireless N WLAN Half-Mini Card on my device in the hopes it would increase the speed. There has been no change. I have upgraded to driver which indicates it is the most current driver for the DW 1520 on the Dell N7010. I recently replaced my router as well which needed to be done anyway. I now have the Asus NT-56u router. I am still getting download speeds maxing out at 800 kb/s with a 40/10 meg down/up fiber plan. I was getting 4 mb/s download speed before upgrading to Windows 8.1. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm thinking it is about time to give up on Windows 8 and revert to Windows 7. Seems to be a lot of unresolved issues in Windows 8. Thanks for all the help!
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Windows 8.1 Download Speed Issue
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