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Constant issues with Windows 8 networking to Windows 7

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    Constant issues with Windows 8 networking to Windows 7

    So ever since I got a new computer with windows 8 I've had issues networking with my other windows 7 machine. I eventually resolved the issues with my other machine by disabling the firewall on the windows 7 machine (it's a media server so there was no need to have it online).

    But now all of a sudden I'm having issues again and can't figure out why. I can see my other machine in my network listing and sometimes I can connect to it and sometimes I can't. Diagnostics just say "everything is set up right but we can't communicate with the machine". And when I can connect to it it keeps cutting out and videos will end abruptly and it's impossible to transfer anything without it getting disruped halfway through.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You shouldn't need to disable any firewalls for basic networking between these Op systems.

    I'd suspect that a third party anti virus software is involved.

    Have you tried setting up a Homegroup between these machines?

    Is this a single router network or do you have another access point in the network?
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    They are both on the same homegroup, no third party anti virus software, one router.
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    Can you post a screen shot of the ipconfig/all from both machines please.
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Constant issues with Windows 8 networking to Windows 7
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