I telecommute 2 days per week and I rely on RDP to connect to my work location desktop (Win 7 Enterprise). Whenever I launch RDP on my home laptop (win 8), I enter the IP and click ok - it then takes my laptop 4 minutes to prompt me for my credentials. I have deleted my saved information which takes just as long. I no longer save any of my credentials (work policy).

I also have issues with my win 8 machine whenever it goes into hibernate - upon 'waking' it takes 10 minutes to return to my login screen - or I sometimes have to reboot to get there.

Lastly, when waking from Hibernate, my win 8 machine loses my network connections. Sometimes I can disconnect and reconnect - other times I have to reboot to correct the issue.

Never had issues like this with Win 7 - not a big fan of win8 right now.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated. I am running the latest BIOS for this machine and I have updated all drivers to the most current from the toshiba website for my model.