Just got my new Acer laptop going.
Then I wanted to connect to my router with another laptop (running Win XP) but didn't get connected.
When I turned off the internet connection of the new laptop running Win 8, restarted my router then it was possible to get a connection. Also with another laptop running Linux, same problem because Win 8 was on the net.
So why does Win 8 prevent the other two laptops from logging on?
There is also an Ipod in the house, the three machines, (laptops running Win XP, Linux and Ipod) used to work together just fine, but the new laptop seems to hijack for some reason the wireless router?
How can I get this problem solved?
Yes, everything is DHCP.
Could this have anything to do with the IPv6 protocol from Win 8 maybe. or not?

Thanks, Cloggie