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Can't execute setup / installation files from network

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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Can't execute setup / installation files from network

    I recently did a clean install of Windows 8.1 x64. I have a Synology DS213+ NAS server in my LAN. Before doing the clean install (had Windows 8 installed before), all hardware being identical, I could launch setup programs from the NAS volume without any problem.

    Now, after the clean install, I get an "Incorrect parameter" error when trying to run setup.exe files from the NAS. Some other exe files, like small programs that only consist of one exe file, can be run without any problem.

    The following things have been ruled out so far:
    - When first copying the installation files from the NAS to a local hard drive, they can be run without any problem, so it's not the installation files being corrupt. Also tried with many different installation packages.
    - I can directly launch the same installation programs from other computers in the same LAN, without the need of first copying to their local hard drive.
    - If I am in front of the computer causing trouble and run the same installation package from another computer in the LAN (having copied the files there in the first place) I can also execute the setup without that error.
    - The NAS firmware or configuration has not been changed.
    - The hardware of my main computer causing trouble in question has not changed.
    - It does not make a difference whether the setup.exe on the NAS is accessed through the network drive letter of the location or whether I browse to the location via the network address, e.g. //MYNAS/Software/setup.exe

    ==> Hence it must the software (Win 8.1) and its configuration. And it has also to do with the interplay of the computer with that particular network share.

    How can I sort this out? Do not even know how to start. When googling this problem on the web, it pops up now and then but have not found a definitive solution.

    I appreciate any helpful comments.


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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Are you running Windows 8.1 Pro RTM? I just came off of Windows 8.1 Preview and ran the update from Windows Store to 8.1 Pro RTM and am encountering the *exact* same issue. On preview everything was fine.

    My NAS box is running FreeNAS and it correctly emulates NTFS permissions. The files that I'm trying to run are on a mapped network drive. I'm on a domain network and the files are sitting in remapped user folders. What's your setup like? This is a pretty annoying issue and should never have made it into RTM...
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro final, but believe it should be equal to RTM.

    I found the following work around thanks to the contribution of another user in this thread Synology Inc. Online Community Forum ? View topic - Cannot run Setup files VIA Mapped Drive : In my Synology software, I had to disable "Enable SMB2 and large MTU".

    Afterwards, the issue is resolved. It does not feel right to have to deactivate features, but that seems to be the deal with Microsoft these days, they want to go 1 step forward with their 8.1 update but force us the users to go 2 steps backwards, that is constraint functionality.

    Let's give them a chance and wait to see when/if they issue a bug fix for this.
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Can't execute setup / installation files from network
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