I work for a company that uses multiple servers both internally and externally. We have some servers on-site that are occasionally moved to off-site collocation servers in order to test fail-over protocols. However, when the servers are moved the IP addresses change and our NOC team updates the DNS records accordingly. We have a VPN setup in order to force our company computers to continue to connect to the internal servers while our customers will begin connecting to the servers on collocation. Both the internal IP and external IP are provided when running an nslookup on the domains.

We have two desktops and one laptop running Windows 8 and all of them are affected by the following issue. Once we move the servers off-site, the Windows 8 computers will only use the external IP (216.xxx.xxx.xxx) instead of the 2-hop internal IP ( NSLOOKUP command will return the following:

C:\Users\username>nslookup domain.com
Server: dns-cluster.domain.com

Name: domain.com

But attempting to connect to the domain via browser, ping, or more importantly, one of our utilities, we are forced to the second IP which is an external IP. However, we do not allow logins from the external IP for our utilities. The only workaround has been to setup about 6 hosts entries for the various servers. This is fine except the IP addresses do change on occasion and it's a bit annoying having to update the hosts entries on the computers, especially because one of them is off-site.

Additionally, using another adapter causes the same issue, so it's not specifically an issue with the adapter.

Windows XP, Vista, and 7 do not appear to have this problem. I hope someone has an idea as to what's causing this. Thanks!