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Sony Vaio svF15A1C5E "Limited Connection"

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    That speed test was done with the wired connection. I'll try it later again to see if there's any change but I've done speed tests before on other computers and they've all been about the same.

    I don't think the speed of the internet is what is causing the problems though as all the other computers in the house use the wifi and don't have the "limited" problem that mine does.

    Any more suggestions :/

    Thanks for the help so far

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    When I used to live in my other home about 6 mos ago, I've been getting disconnected every day and other wireless devices weren't having any issues and came into my conclusion that my Wi-Fi adapter isn't compatible with the router as I'm not having any issues at all with my wireless connectivity in my new place using a different router with the same ISP.

    You may try using a different Wi-Fi adapter and see if that helps or fiddle with the wireless security setting of your router although it's not advisable to change WPA2 to a lower security level (WEP and WPA).

    Have you updated your router's firmware to the latest? It may or may not help.

    Edit: Another thing, have you tried connecting your laptop to a Hotspot or open public Wi-Fi networks?
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    Dear Koala--

    I had the exact same issues on a brand new Samsung and a brand new Dell. Samsung tried to fix, had me send my laptop in, sent it back, told me it was fixed, NOPE. BestBuy let me return it. Got a Dell. Same issues. Have had Geek Squad try to fix for one year. Over 20 hours logged attempting to fix-- viruses, settings, drivers, new modems, etc. The problem still exists. The common denominator is Windows 8. I am furthest thing from techie, but I have had the problem reoccur on this machine at a coffee shop, vacation, home. My other family members are running Windows 7--no issues. All Apple products connect perfectly. MS and Intel need to come up with a fix.
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Sony Vaio svF15A1C5E "Limited Connection"
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