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change mac address

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    windows 8 and ubuntu

    change mac address

    when i got my new laptop (dell vostro v131)
    i try to change my MAC with the network adapter advance properties

    but this function not exist in my adapter (intel centrino n 1030)
    i search and fund this software
    Technitium MAC Address Changer v5 Release 3 (FREEWARE)
    but when i run the install i get error massage
    (some thing about that my os is windows 6.2 build 8012 so i cant run the software)

    there is other way that i can change my MAC address?
    may i can install other driver to my network adapter, and then i will get the function

    [the strange thing is that the adapter in my previous laptop get this function
    despite he was in lower class then this laptop]

    thank you very much
    and sorry about the English...


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    Hello there. This works on Windows 7, so it should work on 8 also... So try it.

    Search in Start menu for Device Manager.(Or Control Panel->Device Manager) Open it. Explore Network Adapters and click with right click on your network adapter. There select Properties. In Advanced tab select Network Address. There click on Value and enter the MAC that you want to use.

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    windows 8 and ubuntu

    I write that this option not exist in my adapter...
    Click image for larger version
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    I dunno, I got it:

    Click image for larger version

    However, why would it ever be necessary to change one's MAC address?
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    windows 8 and ubuntu

    I said that my adapter is "Intel centrino n 1030"
    if you look at the print screen toy can see that your adapter is realtek

    different adapters different functions...
    (this is not only function of the OS)

    may be there is some one with Intel adapter that have this function?
    or some one that know about tool that can change MAC? (and can run on win 8)

    thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikedl View Post
    However, why would it ever be necessary to change one's MAC address?
    That's nearly like asking someone why they would ever want to change their system password... Obviously you've never done any network administration or had to setup machines to boot over a network, or any of over a dozen good reasons. Why do you think the option to set a pre-defined MAC address exists?

    The problem is Win 7/8 intentionally make it difficult to pre-define *wireless* network adapters. In many cases, even wireless adapters that support custom MAC addresses, still won't change the wireless adapters MAC address. Big foul play there for Microsoft and wifi manufactures that play along with this. Thank God for LINUX.
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    Windows 8

    I'm experiencing Windows 8's same stubborn determination to use a predefined MAC. The adapter driver (Qualcomm) allows a network address to be specified in its configuration, but windows does not override with any entry. Have verified that registry setting for the adapter is at least being adjusted from the configuration screen.

    Searching the registry for the MAC address Windows is using did find a matching name (under HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> InternetExplorer -> Recovery -> Active -> Immersive, of all the unlikely places). Changing it accomplished nothing so promptly restored it.

    I disabled the Direct Wi-Fi Virtual adapter, which does not have an address setting, but does derive a mystery address similar to that of the physical adapter. That did not work either.

    So the question is where is the address coming from and is it possible to change or override it?
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    Windows 8

    That works. Interestingly the address of the virtual adapter was also changed. It is almost identical, only the first octet became '12', rather than '02'.

    Sort of bummed that the most significant numbers can't be identical to the original. It would make sense (for me) to modify the least significant.... to be closer to cloning the original device. I suppose that's what the standard are for though.

    Thank you.
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change mac address
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