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    Windows 8 VNC (and remotes) / HTPC

    So i've taken the plunge and installed Windows 8 on my HTPC that is connected to my main TV. The start screen really helps when sitting at a distance from the PC with the big icons for plex and netflix etc, the weather and other metro apps also help fill out the screen with nice info and images, the browser is better suited.. it's perfect...


    VNC is a bit of a nightmare, i had VNC server installed so i could use HippoRemote and connect to the box via a VNC client.

    My MAIN problem is that the mouse does not move with my gestures or movement of remote mouse.. the pointer doesn't move.. The mouse is there, but since i can't see it i'm forced to guess where it's at.. it's not so bad on the start screen because tiles are highlighted as you move over them, but if i'm in an app or on the desktop it's almost impossible to use because i have no visual mouse pointer.

    Can this be fixed at present?

    I'd love to hear from people using W8 in a similar manner, how are you controlling it from your couch? Are there any other iOS apps? the best VNC server? Any help is appreciated, thanks

    I downloaded an iOS app called windows 8 gesture pro or something but it's rubbish and not being updated since it hasnt been updated on iphone 5 and it crashes when i try to access the virtual keyboard

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    VNC has always been a terrible remote desktop system, remote desktop is much better.

    I assume you're not using the Windows 8 Pro? so you can't use remote desktop?, but you can always use the "Remote Assistance" feature. You just have to initiate the remote assistance on your HTPC.

    Another option is TeamViewer. It's free for personal use.
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    The problem is that the client software he is using (HippoRemote) on his iPhone or iPad won't work with Remote Desktop or TeamViewer, it apparently only connects to a VNC server.

    Have you tried contacting tech support for HippoRemote?
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Windows 8 VNC (and remotes) / HTPC
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