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Can't connect though Ethernet Cable - limited Connectivity

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    Can't connect though Ethernet Cable - limited Connectivity

    Hello guys!

    I recently had problems with my Ethernet internet connection. I got admission in University of Cyprus and I am staying in dorms. It is great here, but my only problem is that I couldn’t connect to the internet through Ethernet cable. I Called University Apartments Technics Team, and after they run some basic tests they come to conclusion that the port and the Ethernet cable was alright! So I took my computer to the Computer Store, because I thought that my PC was broken. They told me that my PC was totally functioning, my friend brought his Getaway laptop with windows 8 and he was connected fine. Fun thing is that every weekend when I go home, I connect my laptop to the internet through Ethernet cable and it is working just fine. And the same thing happened in the Computer Technical store. But for some unknown reason the internet wouldn’t connect in the Apartments! I reinstalled the drivers, I run ipconfing /all in the CMD and the Physical Address under Ethernet was 00-00-00-00-00. Then I run ipconfig /release and ipconfig/renew. Without any luck! I found in internet a program that is randomly changing the MAC Address of the computer but I had no luck there either.

    But after some time I had an amazing idea! And I fixed the internet connection issue for ever. So I want to share this idea with you!

    NOTE: I am not a professional computer engineer so I don’t know further stuff about this issue, and I don’t guarantee that this will work for you!! But it worked for me and I just want to share it with you!

    Here it is what I have done:
    1) Run CMD
    a. You can click Windows key + R and type “CMD”
    b. Or you can find it from the start menu by typing CMD
    After CMD comes up, type “ipconfig /all” and hit ENTER
    Click image for larger version

    A list of internet connections and it’s details will pop up. Assuming that you have the problem, find the “Ethernet adapter Ethernet:” line and under it you should see “Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-00-00-00-00-00”
    That means that you don't have an internet access.

    Click image for larger version
    (I don't have 00-00-00... because i fixed already the internet issue)

    But in your condition!
    To fix that, what I did was:
    I connected thought the Wifi to the University’s WiFi
    RUN CMD again and type again ipconfig /all.
    This time search the line that shows details about Wireless connection. My line is called: “Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:” I think your supposed to be the same.

    Click image for larger version

    Under this line you should see “Physical Adderss:” and 24 digit number like 0F-45-A4-…..
    Copy that number only!!!! (right click on the black section of CMD and choose “MARK”, highlight the number and then hit ENTER to copy)
    Open a notepad and past it there
    Delete the “-” between the numbers.
    Click image for larger version

    Now go to start. Type “Administrative Tools”, click on “Settings” under the search box if you are using Windows 8 and then click on the Administrative Tools to open it!

    Click image for larger version

    Open “Computer Management”
    Click image for larger version
    Open “System Tools”
    Click image for larger version
    Open “Device Manager”
    Click image for larger version
    Click on “Network Adapters”
    Right click on your Ethernet driver name (Mine is “Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller”)
    Click image for larger version
    And select “Propertise”
    Click on “Advanced” tab
    From the list find the “Network Address”
    Under value click the dot near the box
    I don’t know what is written in this box, but for your safety copy the box’s content, past It In a new Notepad file and save it as “Network Mac Address Backup”. So if for some reason this will not help you, you will be able to restore the original settings.
    NOW!! Final step
    Go to the first notepad where we copied our Wifi’s MAC Address and deleted the “-”.
    Copy that characters and past them into the box of your Ethernet’s Driver Properties!!
    That’s it!!!
    Hit “OK”
    Click image for larger version
    Close all unnecessary windows!
    Now disconnect your Wi-Fi network and try to open Internet Explorer or Google Chrome!!
    After that my internet connection was working just fine!!!

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    That was a great deal of work and you described the process very well, so I'm not gonna rain on your parade and correct your misunderstanding. No worries. Network engineering is clearly not your game (right now), but you would do well as either a software tester (under a good manager) or a technical writer of some kind. Keep up the good work!
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    TanteWaileka. Thank you very much!
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    Windows 7

    I realise this is a very old thread and that you may not even be an active member anymore but just incase;

    I wanted to sign up and say thank you! Took me and my dumb self literally days to try and sort this issue and not much was even coming up on Google.

    This sorted it though although I have two WiFi adapters and the first Physical Address didn't work the second did, so thank you.
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    Dear Tom0, thank you very much for your reply to my thread! I am very happy to hear that this solution worked for you perfectly.
    Cheers my friend!!!
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    Windows 8.1

    Just registired to say:
    Thank you very much! I cant tell u how grateful I am! Thanks fo sharing this. I was searching for days to find a resulution.... Thank you!!!
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    Hello phantom, i am happy to hear that this worked out for you! Thank you very much for replying to this thread.
    Cheers my friend!!!
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    Windows 8.1

    Man, I can't thank you enough! i already refresh my Os, i reinstalled it and still no connection! you're an angel, created an account just to say thanks! =D May the heavens always be at your side bro!
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    Dear orddei, i am really happy to hear that after so long, this post still helps people out! Enjoy your internet connection! Thank you very much for your reply!
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    wondows 8.1

    what if my pc don't have wifi adapter just ethernet port and i have this problem i can connect to internet by any device with wifi but my pc can't connect with ethernet cable!
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Can't connect though Ethernet Cable - limited Connectivity
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