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Can't connect though Ethernet Cable - limited Connectivity

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    what if my pc don't have wifi adapter just ethernet port and i have this problem i can connect to internet by any device with wifi but my pc can't connect with ethernet cable!
    Dear max2010gold, as i mentioned above, i am not a professional on this topic. But i would suggest you to borrow a laptop from a friend, connect through WiFi to your home network and follow the above steps to configure the ethernet drivers on your PC with the data you will get from the laptop. I never tried this so i don't know if it is going to help you. (Notice: As some users mentioned you might need try all the available adapters when you run "ipconfig /all" in CMD ).

    Good luck!

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    All i want to say is thank you! I've spend my entire weekend trying to fix this issue and got very frustrated. Nothing worked until i tried this. Now it works like a charm. I wish you the best with your computer skills!
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    Dear qnteban, i am glad that it worked for you too! Cheers man!
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    Dear DrikosRikos

    Thank you so much. I did it and worked like a charm. You are lifesaver to me
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    Dear Apollon! I am glad to hear that my theard is still helping people after so many years!
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    DrikosRikos you are a life saver! I am a complete computer illiterate (for example: I was searching for 20 minutes how to reply to this thread) and I managed to fix my connection.

    The steps were very clear and easy to follow. Good thing there were pictures though, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed that my DHCP was disabled. I googled it (I found the answer on In Microsoft Windows how do I enable or disable DHCP?) and it works like a charm.

    Edit: Maybe just a problem on my end, but after shutting the computer off and turning it back on the next morning things went sideways. Now the computer can't detect the ethernet-cable anymore (which he could before the procedure).

    Edit 2: Definitely a problem on my end, not due to procedure.
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    Dear Thanksguys, thank you very much for taking some time and leaving feedback to this Thread! I am glad to hear that your connection is fixed! Cheers!
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    Dear DrikosRikos
    Thanks a lot for the advice. It works! God bless you.
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Can't connect though Ethernet Cable - limited Connectivity
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