I made this into a multi modem a long time ago, worked fine on XP.

I've now installed Win 8, the modem works fine with Airtel, MTN Glo, but when I put my Tigo chip in it has a problem.
There's no need to configure the chip, plug and play.
I also run Expresso modem no problems.

When I connect it straight away tell's me is disconnecting.
I set up a new connection, after going through the screens try to connect error message 651 comes up.
Looking on the net it say there's a problem with win 7 & 8, some say it's the trustcentre set up that's the fault.

Can anybody help with this problem. I've tried it on other machines the same thing it won't run.

I've update the modem from Huawei site, I've now got a mobile partner icon instead of the white Huawei icon. I put the MTN chip in connects no problems, Tigo same problem, I've even got a replacement chip to see if the chip was faulty.

I have managed to change owner ship of the raspppoe.sys as one site said, but I cannot find the same file on the disk. I have down loaded a copy of the file from http://www.windowsreference.com/wp-t...5/raspppoe.zip should I change the original file to old and install this new one, (as they say on some sites)

thanks in anticipation