I have 2 Windows 8 Enterprise machines and 2 Windows 7 Ultimate running on my home network. I setup a local account with no password (I modified the gpedit settings to disable password requirements) on my server machine which is running the one version of Win 8 enterprise.

My personal PC is running the other version of win 8. For some reason though I cant connect through rdp but i can using the other 2 windows 7 ultimate machines. I know the credentials are correct and I'm using \{accountname} so as not to connect using MicrosoftAccount as the domain. I've created 2 local accounts neither seem to work from my machine.

I can see the machine on the network and access the shared folders, so its definitely not a network problem I just cant seem to connect into it without using getting the error "Your credentials did not work".

I literally just installed it last night, was previously also a windows 7 ultimate machine and had no problem connecting to it either.

Please can someone offer some suggestion?