Hi, I'm somewhat frustrated because I bought a lap top a couple of weeks ago. I have been working on setting it up and in the process of course I have relied lots on the internet. I have been using the internet for a few days now and yesterday it gave me some problems and I could not get it to connect anymore. I thought it was a problem with the network. But today at home I have been trying for hours to connect. All the other computers and laptops at home connect. And the strange thing is that the laptop itself tells me there are available connections. But ANYTHING that I do on the laptop to connect acts as if he touchpad were disabled. I can click on anything and it behaves normally. but when I click the bars on the taskbar its as if the touchpad were disabled. If I leave the pointer there it pops up a little banner that tells me there are available connections but it will not open it. If I go to the control panel I can do WHATEVER I want, except anything related to the internet because its as if I were not clicking anything. There is NO error message, no sound, no nothing. Its just as if nobody were using the laptop. I restarted the laptop and everything is the same. I desperately need the internet on that laptop!! Is there any recommendation?