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is windows 8 preventing me from logging on

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    is windows 8 preventing me from logging on

    Hi all,
    I just came back from vacation and we brought my wifeís laptop on the trip. All the airports and in the hotel we found a lot of unsecured networks. This computer showed all of them as limited and would not log on. All the secure networks are fine,but of cause, I donít have the password. Luckily the hotel also had wired access. My question is: is windows 8 preventing me from logging on to unsecured networks? If so, where can I change the setting? I think it should be my choice to log on to anything that I want.

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    You can log on to anything you want,, not at all advised unless it's yours or someone you know.
    Even then, keep in mind that any one can logon, and then access the Router if it is not secured, there by accessing your PC as well.
    Also using it for illegal activity, which in some states I believe you can be held accountable for if your WIFI is not secured.

    It's just a plain really dumb, and a very bad idea to logon to unsecured WIFI especially out in public ones,,
    they can very easily be setup as man in the middle.

    There is no setting that I know of that would prevent you from logging into an unsecured network in Win8.
    Also, some may be unsecured, but setup as MAC Address blocked. Which is a good layer of protection on top of WPA2/AES
    Even though MAC Addresses can be cloned, they have to get them first.

    Also, no one can guarantee WIFI connectivity, it either works and lets you in or it doesn't, but it can't be guaranteed.

    You can try the following to clean up WIFI profiles, there is no other way that I know of to do this.

    netsh wlan show profile

    netsh wlan delete profile "WIFI Profile NAME"

    Delete the majority of them found, including your own and try connecting again.

    Also see this thread for more info..... how to use unsecured wifi in windows 7 ? - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Could be AntiVirus\Internet Security Suite is not allowing you to connect?

    There are a large number of reasons this could be happening. None of which I think are Win8 itself.

    On second thought, it could be the Windows Firewall is setup to not allow that.
    I never connect to unsecure WIFI so I am not sure which setting it might be.
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    this is a brand new computer, and the only profile setup for a network is my own network at home. of cause my network is secure. the problem is, that at the airport it shows all the complimentary wifi is unsecured, and my system shows them just fine, except it shows them as limited. and will not let me log on at all. there are some at the airport that are secure, but they belong to merchants and of cause I don't have the password, but all secure networks don't show the "limited" . because of that I think it is a windows setting. I will try to change the firewall setting and se if that helps.
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    sometimes, they will redirect to an agreement page,, if that doesn't happen, then you may need to find their help desk tech support to get the URL for it.

    I forgot about that as well.
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    No agreement page, it will not let me log on at all. it tells me something like: cannot log on to this network.
    that's all
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    Generally speaking if you need to connect to an unsecured network you would need to designate the network as a "Public" network. This will turn off all sharing options in Windows which should make it safer.

    The issue may be caused also by your security program such as anti-virus or a Windows Firewall /Defender which might have conflicting settings as to not to perform certain tasks. I suggest that you temporary disable the anti-virus and firewall and check the result again. You would need to turn on the security programs again which you had disabled.
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    I was thinking the same thing about my virus software. came with the computer ( Norton internet security). it is a trail version and will expire in about 5 days. at that time I will use MSE / windows defender. The problem is testing this because all networks around my place are secured. I will have to bring this thing to a hotel or airport to find out if that was the problem.
    Thanks to all who helped. for now I consider it solved.
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is windows 8 preventing me from logging on
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