Pretty much says it all. I have five home computers, win8, win7pro, win7-starter, win2000 and Vista. Win8 can see none of the others. All of the others see each other but not win8.

TightVNC installed on win8, can see all PCs and can communicate and control them.

How can I get win8 to see the other PCs as TightVNC does?

I have searched and set everything suggested but still nothing.

Back when I first got the win7 computers they needed no tweaking at all to see each other including win2000. So win8 is progress, eh?

Can anyone please help with this.

And, in case you are thinking of it, I can't use TightVNC for the access I need as I have some software that has to use a UNC Path from the win8 machine. Until win8 can see the win2000 there is no UNC.