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Lag spikes every 60 seconds

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    Windows 8

    Lag spikes every 60 seconds

    Hello, I need help with this issue that has been persisting ever since I bought this laptop. Every 60 seconds (exactly 60 seconds), my wireless internet will spike dramatically to the point of making me extremely angry like this. In any game I play where I average a 30-60 ping, the ping would spike anywhere from 300-1000ms and last for about 4 seconds.

    It happens every single day since I got this laptop, and I have tried a few solutions and none of them have helped.

    • I've tried disabling TCP/IPv6
    • I have disabled all firewalls
    • I have no anti virus/malware software on any kind
    • I disabled homegroups
    • I have a static IP (and ports opened for certain games)
    • I have tried using Vista Anti Lag

    None of these have worked in the slightest way. I do not believe it is my router causing the issue, because any of the other 3 computers, phones, and my Xbox 360 do not have this issue. Two of the other computers run windows XP, while the other one runs Windows 8. Also, I can not directly connect my laptop to the router because of living arrangements and how everything is set up.

    I'm starting to think it's an issue with all the useless Samsung crap installed on this laptop. It's a 750gb harddrive, and only 677gb's were free to use. I'm pretty sure Windows 8 doesn't take up that much space...

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    So no one has any idea what might be the cause of this?
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    You may want to try starting up in safe mode with networking, this will help determine if the problem is caused from an installed program. Advanced "Startup Settings" - Boot to in Windows 8

    You really should enable IPv6, firewalls etc.

    Most likely the problem is caused from all the preinstalled Samsung software, especially anything having to do with a trail version of anti virus software. It can take quite awhile to remove all that stuff. Using CCleaner after the uninstalls can also help.
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    Well, I'm guessing I fixed it, since I am not having any lag anymore. Apparently it had something to do with the settings under wireless mode in my options on my wireless adapter.

    I changed a setting to run in 802.11b/g, when it was originally set to 802.11a/b/g. I don't know the different between them, but the 802.11a was causing the lag issue. Would anyone have any clue why that would be the issue?
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    802.11a would be much older and slower standard, somehow, maybe because of lover signal it was defaulting to it. If you want something faster than g, you'll have to change your equipment to full "N" standard.
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Lag spikes every 60 seconds
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