Hi everyone,

I got a problem, again.
A few weeks ago the win8.1 update preview came out and i wanted to have it. Unfortunatly it said that my version was not good and it couldnt instal it. Which is strainge because a friend of my had the exact same version and could instal windows 8.1. After a small windows update a few weeks later i tried it again and it worked. So it did the first stadium of instalation and asked me to restrart the computer. I did and when it started again i knew i had to go to the store app to fully download and install windows 8.1. One problem. The internet was gone . I looked at my network center and adapter devices and it said that the folder was empty! I knew what that meant and concluded that for some strainge reson in uninstalled the drivers of both my WLAN as my LAN. So i was stripped from my internet connections and browsed on my other computer on ASUS.com for the drivers. I first downloaded and installed my LAN driver because there was only one option for a driver, but that did not work. So i ignored the missing LAN because i never use it and tried 4 diffrent drivers for my WLAN card but they also all did not had any succes. Then i remembered my friend showing me how easy it is to replace or update drivers by device manager but you need internet for that.. So i took my external adapter in the hope i could install it on my laptop for internet so i could download the drivers for my card by device manager. But the driver for the adapter had to be instaled with an instalation disk and i have no disk drive on my laptop, GRRRR. So i browsed to the website of the adapter for a zip file with the driver for the adapter but the zip file i found did not even contain a .exe file! Just a couple of useless small scripts. So the adapter has no use and i cant get my cards to work with the drivers so what should i try now?