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Windows 8 stops allowing new connections.

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    Just to pipe in and add, this has been happening on my system as well. I have made sure my NIC drivers are up to date, but the only way to clear things up and get my Internet working again is to either cycle disable/enable my NIC, or reboot.

    This problem usually starts about 4-6 days after I have last rebooted. After finding this thread, the most helpful thread I have found since this problem started for me months ago, I compared what I had open and running using the 'netstat -b' command.

    I have several apps open, including Chrome, with an average of 23 tabs open. About every 4-6 days I start getting the 'error 4227' in my Windows Event log: 'Warning, TCP/IP, Event 4227: TCP/IP failed to establish an outgoing connection because the selected local endpoint was recently used to connect to the same remote endpoint'.

    I can always tell when the issue starts because I can no longer remote into my home computer from work using LogMeIn. After I found this thread, I decided before I did anything else, to close Chrome, and the ~25 tabs I had open at the time. Within just a few moments, all my internet connections, and other network connections started coming back online. I didn't reboot or anything, I simply closed Chrome and left Chrome closed.

    I have been chasing this problem for a while now, and this thread has finally helped me narrow down what was using all my TCP/IP ports up. When I would reboot my computer, the first thing I would do was reopen all the windows I previously had open, including all the tabs I was in while using Chrome. This must be when the countdown to all my TCP/IP ports being used up starts, so when I get to 4-6 days in, I start having network/internet port issues.

    I will now be more aware of this, and at least remember to close Chrome down every couple days to refresh my port status. I never realized leaving my internet browser (Chrome) open with several tabs would cause this problem.

    Thank you again, and I hope this information helps others.

    EDIT: Additional info - although many of my local network services restored themselves after closing Chrome, it appears my Internet is still not fully functional. It looks like I will still have to either bounce my NIC, or reboot my machine to fully restore functionality. So, although closing Chrome helped, it was not the the only culprit. Something else is still not releasing all my TCP/IP ports.

    EDIT 2: after I got home I still had to reboot my computer to fully regain Internet connectivity, so all the ports were not released. I still would like to figure out what is doing this, since I run with a ton of stuff open on my work computer, including ~30 open tabs in Chrome, and my computer stays up for a month or more before I reboot it for security updates. My work computer (also Windows 8.1) never has any issues, so the problem on my home computer must be larger than just leaving Chrome open for a few days with a bunch of tabs.

    I have read the problem could be attributed to either a bad NIC card, bad network cable, or a need for upgraded NIC drivers. Anyone want to weigh in on this perspective?
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    This is a really bizarre issue and I feel it has something to do with chrome.... TCP based ports reside at layer 4 of the OSI reference model. NICs are layer 2 devices therefore have no interference with port usage. It may have something to do with how chrome handles its processes. Each tab created in chrome initiates a separate process so that should a tab crash the other windows are not affected. This is one of the reasons why chrome tends to use more resources when compared to other browsers. My guess if that closing the tab does not seem to end the session created.

    The only way to be sure would be to try a new browser and see if the same problem occurs. If it does then we can be sure that chrome is not the issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowjk View Post

    The only way to be sure would be to try a new browser and see if the same problem occurs. If it does then we can be sure that chrome is not the issue.

    Not a bad idea. The next time it happens, to rule out Chrome, I will use Firefox exclusively on my computer and see if I get the same behavior.

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.
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    I have the same problem, but without Google Chrome. Symptoms (Windows 8.1 64bit):
    - After using some network intensive consumers such as:
    o Skype desktop version (it is not necessary to speak, it is enough if I let it open waiting for calls)
    o Yahoo news or mail (they display a large amount of advertising, no matter the browser)
    o Just leaving the computer (in sleep mode for e.g.) without reboot for a couple of days (there are many background applications on Windows 8 that don't stop to look on the Net for weather, clock time, news, publicity, eBay and other things alike)
    - the computer refuses any IP connection (including Web sites across the browser, automatic updates of antivirus database, internal connections to the locally installed SVN server or Apache httpd server and so on),
    - but allows to "ping" with no problem the internal address as well as any external addresses (including local network or Web addresses).

    - This situation is preceded by a 4227 Warning in the logs (TCP/IP failed to ...).

    - This situation is persistent after reboot (and extremely annoying, it prevents me to consult Internet, receive mails, do my scheduled work) during several hours up to a couple of days!

    - This situation disappear with no reason (I'm trying to do different actions: anti-spyware scan, restoring the IP connections and so on, but no one seems to work, the system is obviously NOT restored after one of these actions), after some random time.

    Please HELP!!!
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Windows 8 stops allowing new connections.
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