Hi there
Seems 8.1 has some sort of error in it -- How in the world do you ENABLE printer sharing and give your printer a shared network name like "photoprinter" so your remote computer can access it via \\w81machine\photoprinter

I can't find the old Sharing popup panel for the printer where you could click on Share this printer and give it a name anywhere nor even how to ENABLE printer sharing -- the Network manager only seems to refer to FILE sharing.

I might have missed something simple - but If me as a user whose used windows for Years can normally do this sort of stuff without even thinking about it is having trouble with what should be an elementary operation -- woe betide the average joe out there - or will w8.1 onlt be used on tablets and phones where printing isn't an issue normally.

The more I look at W8.1 the more I think I'm not going to bother with it when the final comes out - and just wait and hope that Windows 9 will be better.

(Edit -- finally found it -- what a confusing mess - in the Devices and printers Right mouse click and select Printer Properties from the menu - not the Properties option which is what you would do normally or instinctively -- why on earth Ms have TWO properties options in the menu especially as you are already in the Printers screen -- What a dog's dinner). The person who designed that menu should stand up in front of Lord Sugar where he says 'YOUR'E FIRED').