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WiFi connections suddenly no longer recognized

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    WiFi connections suddenly no longer recognized

    Hello there,

    I've run into this weird problem wherein my Windows 8 laptop has suddenly seized to recognize not only the WiFi signal of my own router, but also any WiFi signals at all. Airplane mode is turned off, I restarted the PC, I checked the Settings menu only to find it doesn't have a WiFi switch at all and the OS came prepackaged with the laptop, so I don't know where this suddenly came from. Plugging it directly into the modem seems to work fine, though.

    It's a model by Samsung, model number 300E(4/5/7)C, processor Intel Core i3. Don't know what info I can really supply to help out here, so please tell me if I should add anything else.

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    It's either a problem with the Router or the Laptop. There should be a Fn key that turns the Wifi On or Off, or activates "Airplane Mode" by pressing Fn in conjunction with the proper ket. Look for an F key with an airplane on it, try toggling that, or, look for the Wifi bars on an F key, and toggle THAT. Sounds like you may have simply inadvertently shut it off. It would nto affect the Wired settings.

    Also sheck your Services and see if WLAN has been set to Disabled.
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WiFi connections suddenly no longer recognized
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