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Cannot receive files sent from Bluetooth

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    Cannot receive files sent from Bluetooth

    Hello all,

    I found a few threads that touched on the issue I'm having, but I found no solutions - so I apologize if I missed an answer to this question.

    The issue is that I am unable to send files (pictures, in particular) to my laptop via Bluetooth. I have verified that the problem is with my PC rather than my phone by pairing and sending files to a different computer. I have tried everything I know to try, un-pairing and re-pairing, re-installed Intel Bluetooth drivers, uninstalled the phone from Device Manager and re-installed it, made sure the correct services were running, checked firewall settings, and synchronized PIM data.

    I am able to send files to my phone from my laptop. After doing a few hours of research, it seems like a handful of folks (me included) do not have all of the Bluetooth options when clicking on the Bluetooth icon from the system tray. The main options I am missing are "Send Files" and "Receive Files".

    I started fsquirt and selected "Receive Files", but sending still fails. When selecting "Open Settings" from the Bluetooth icon in the tray, I am taken to a nice little option menu. All of the correct settings are checked, but the interesting thing is that when I click on the "Open Receiving Window" button on the "Shared Folder" tab, absolutely nothing happens. No error, just nothing.

    Not sure what to do! I was hoping that somebody might be able to shed some light on this.

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    I have it working now. I still do not have all of the options on my Bluetooth menu from the tray, but I am able to send files to my laptop without any issues now.

    It turns out that I had caused this problem myself by disabling "btmshellex" in my startup items. It was slowing my boot time, and I had thought this was a different application than it really was. After re-enabling and re-booting, everything was good to go.
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    hmmm well I seem to have this too, but my btmshellex IS enabled, and all other settings are OK, windows sees the device and IS paird. the phone (LG34C) is also OK. The windows popup showing the actions , browse remote folder , send file, and sinc show up, if I click browse folder, nothing happens, if I click send file, the popup sending shows up, but says 0 sent, and nothing shows up on the phone.

    Have checked all the usual settings and all seem to be OK, now what?
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Cannot receive files sent from Bluetooth
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