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how can I bring back a server-share to a win8-notebook?

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    windows 8

    how can I bring back a server-share to a win8-notebook?

    [since i've been asking this to a lot people right now,i might inform you that i've been noted that i should post my question here instead of here: how can I bring back a server-share to a win8-notebook? - Windows 7 Help Forums, so, if it workd out, shall close the other thread immediately]

    i have a new win8-notebook connected to a workgroup-ethernet-network via router,to which a windows [version unknown]-server is connected and 6 other clients,2 of them macs,4 xp-pcs.

    on all machines,3 other machines resp shares are constantly visible in "network places":
    1 the server-share
    2 a client-1 share (which has no internet access)
    3 a client-2-with-internet-access-share

    the notebook gets internet via the wall-plugged lan,from a router-plugged DSL-router.

    all issues mentioned here are not dependent on which lan-wall-socket is used.
    (there are 3 in each room)

    there is no wlan-accesspoint.

    the notebook is _not _seeing_ (not in net places,and not forceable) the server-share_, despite the fact,that the share has been used before to install a bigger client-server software,which worked.

    first appearance:
    some day someone tried to access a lan-wall-plug-connected printer for printing,which at that time could be seen in network places,as then could the server; after which… _both_ disappeared.
    unfortunately,above said client-server-sw is not working anymore on the notebook.

    how can I bring back the server-share to the win8-notebook?

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    This type of problem usually requires that you change the lanman server parameters in order to get Windows 8 working with older servers. Do these adjustments on the Windows 8 machines that needs to connect to the server.

    Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy

    Local Policies - Security Options

    Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
    Set to Send LM & NTLM responses only

    Set the Minimum session security for NTLM SSP
    Disable Require 128-bit encryption

    Reboot all machines after making the adjustment.
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    windows 8

    will try that.
    will respond in this thread immediately after that.
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    windows 8

    changing the "lanman server parameters"

    there is no "local security policy" icon in system control,
    not even a similar icon.

    that is because "windows 8" really is the update to "windows 7 home edition"
    so no-one having windows 8 (home) can do the prescribed actions anyway,
    thanks to microsoft product tactics, releasing more expensive "real operating systems"
    that can really _do_ the everyday tricks; my opinion.

    now,what happened since then?

    on the day after your post I did three things after realizing the above
    (I totally swear)

    01 I re-activated the windows firewall,that had been down for test reasons; no server.

    02 I installed the previously deinstalled virus scanner that was 1 day before quitting anyway,
    so I chose avira this time; no …

    03 for whatever reason I accidentally deselected the "files and printer sharing" option in
    syscont and -because of that- turned it back on again: after a while (approx 15min)
    the server came back on again(!!!) (as server share,not as "multimedia" like before)

    I'll have to think that microsofts automatical network access algorithms do not do a
    consistent job.

    Anyway, "ghostly" things happen in that network _everytime_ you change something in
    that network: for instance, we chose to put the main printer to another socket the day
    after that and it took _an hour and a half_ to bring the ip-adress of the printer back,
    so we could ping it.

    we,that is me and an expensive "network administrator" -who had no clue at all about
    what was happening here- and evidently ripped out approx all patch cables at one point
    over that problem, constantly on the telephone with his employer.

    I don't blame him for getting a bit nervous.

    in the end thankfully it was him,who altered the net in the first place.

    we also added a xp-pc and a win7-pc afterwards
    with no problems whatsoever, not even with the printer.

    on the win8 notebook still -if you choose to plug out the LAN cable-
    it does not connect to a newly installed access point,
    which the newly added xp-pc does without even asking.

    if this dhcp-automation,I'd much prefer a hands-on solution,I tell you.
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    You never mentioned that this was the Windows 8 Home version which isn't capable of connecting to a server. To connect to just about any server you will need to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.
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    windows 8

    I did: I said there is "windows 8" on that notebook. not "windows 8 professional"

    the notebook did (for 2 weeks) connect to the server
    and also does right now with no issues until now.
    (I will report,if there are)

    Furthermore, I do not understand what you mean by
    "for a server you need…"

    I've never read by any statement out of microsoft
    that you _can not_ (in any way) access a windows server share
    (for several days)
    for which access rights are correctly set and the "windows 8" client
    therefore is invited to access it.

    what you seem to state here,
    is that that there are two not-connectable operating systems
    sold by microsoft,
    what I cannot believe for a second.

    _because_ I _can_ access the share, (not only now)
    there must be a legal way to do so.

    everything else defies logic.
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    You can connect to a share using Windows 8 home however if it is a domain controller you will need to provide authentication to access it with the correct permissions within Active Directory. That being said the prompt will not appear as well as the share will not appear unless the share permissions allow 'Everyone' or 'Anonymous Logon'. If you are a member of the domain then the share should be view-able but you will be denied access depending on share permissions applied. To join to a domain you need Windows 8 Pro or above.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit ; Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

    Are you able to post a screenshot of your Sharing permissions on the server to see if your permissions allow the machine to access it?

    Also have you tried to manually type in the UNC path:

    For example: \\server\share

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    windows 8

    <sorry,but you were faster,should be standing above your last message:>

    Well, interesting,

    but if you are right -imo- i should have never been able to access the share
    (which I _could_ from the start)
    if any
    - permissions are not set right ("…within active directory…")
    - the server is a domain controller (which I think it isn't)
    - the share permissions where not set to "everyone" which they are

    what is more:
    I was not "denied access"
    - the icon to do so just simply _was not there_ (believe it or not)
    - trying to map the old path it says: "the indicated server can not execute the indicated task"
    (like I told in w7forum;i hope you tried the link;i didn't repeat the whole thread!)

    this is what I call the old
    "I will not be mute
    but I also will not tell you what bugs me"
    microsoft error message.
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    windows 8

    01 i'm not in the office right now,but the share permissions are set to "everyone"

    02 yes (>^)
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how can I bring back a server-share to a win8-notebook?
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