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Unable to install PPPOE connection with external NIC card

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    Unable to install PPPOE connection with external NIC card

    Hello everyone,

    I am facing a problem recently. I hope anyone of you can help me to solve it. Recently I have been installed Windows Eight Pro 64-bit in two of my desktop computers. One pc having motherboard Intel DG41 and the other one is Asus Sabertooth P55i. I have two external Realtek NIC card installed in both of the pcs. When I was using Windows Seven 64-bit, I installed PPPOE as follows:

    => Conrtol Pannel
    => Network and Sharing Center
    => Setup a new connection or network
    => Connect to BROADBAND (PPPOE) [something like that]

    But when I am trying to install pppoe on windows eight like the same process, it shows "Unable to install PPPOE" kinds of message and reboot. I thought the NIC card driver was not installed properly so I re-install the NIC card driver and again tried but it crashes and then reboot.

    The funny part is, when I plugged the Ethernet cable into my built-in NIC card (the one that is embeded on Motherboard), it doesnt reboot and installed successfully. But I need to use the external NIC card and with that I am unable to connect to PPPOE.

    Can anybody help me please solving this issue? I face the same problem in both of my pc and now I have to use the built-in NIC card. Is there any solution to use the external NIC??

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    I assume your external cards are WiFi is that correct ?

    On my system I setup router with PPPOe and then using a usb WiFi simply used new connection.

    May or may not work for you but bon chance as they say

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    No, my lan card is not wifi, its normal ethernet nic card but I am not finding any solution though. Can you help me giving other suggestions?
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    Couple of questions please are you connecting to internet. Is it pc 1 Ethernet router Ethernet dsl line

    2.are you connecting pc 2 to pc 1 or router

    3. Is there any particular reason you need lan cards when the internal work

    I am in process of putting a video recorder onto my laptop and will record my actions as it seems no problem and will post shortly. Please note it will be raw video not edited so hope you can follow

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    The answers are:
    ques-1: None of the pcs are routers that I tried to connect to internet. I use simply a broadband connection with a provided Username and Password (with a fixed primary dns address), you can consider them as clients if you want.

    ques-2: As I said earlier, I did not tried to connect pc2 to pc1, I just simply tried to connect both the pcs to the router (via some switches)

    ques-4: I am afraid that my motherboard would be damaged or burned due to Thunderstorm Lightening because a lot days ago, my one old pc was damaged due to Lightening, it crashed my motherboard and my motherboard became dysfunctional. I used internal lan card which was built in the motherboard.

    Thank you, I hope now you understand the problems.
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Unable to install PPPOE connection with external NIC card
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