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Sharing a WiFi connection to another computer via ethernet

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    Sharing a WiFi connection to another computer via ethernet

    My ISP provides service only via 802.11. I use laptop A most of the time. The captive portal for the service provider only allows one login per account at a time. The policy is intended to prevent multiple people sharing one account. It's just me, I'm the only user, but very occasionally I'd like to have a 2nd laptop access the internet simultaneously. No abuse, just the simple convenience of not having to logout from A if I need to use B for 30 seconds.

    What I want to set up seems simple and it probably is:

    WiFi Internet <---> Laptop A <---> ethernet cable <---> Laptop B

    such that Laptop B can share A's active WiFi connection without having to request its own unique address from the ISP.

    At present, Laptop A has its network interfaces set up so:
    - WiFi is connected, active, functional. Selected the "Yes turn on sharing and connect to devices" in sidebar.
    - Under the wired network properties IP Version 4, I manually set addresses to be

    Laptop B has only a wired network, set to

    A & B can connect directly to each other, share folders, etc.

    What do I need to do in order to get laptop B to transparently use A's WiFi connection? My guess is that A needs to be set up to do some routing between the internet side and the 192.168.10 subnet, and B needs to be set up to look to A as its "ISP" ... but I don't know where to begin.

    Thank you.

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    What you want is to be able to create an ad hoc connection wirelessly. You may want to look into this post and see if this solves your problem however please note that it may not work due to your ethernet connection in between though I am not entirely sure since I have not tried this...

    How To Create Wireless Ad Hoc Internet Connection In Windows 8

    Note   Note
    You will need a crossover cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable if you are connecting two computers together

    Hope This Helps,
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    This question comes up here about 3 times a month. You see Ad Hoc is a temporary hosted wireless connection, wireless to wireless only.

    ICS is sharing an Ethernet connection, wired to wired only. There is no such thing as sharing a wireless connection to a wired connection. You may get it to work if you are lucky but it's certainly not a supported configuration.

    As far as I'm aware not one person using Windows 8 has succeeded in making a wired to wireless connection work with any type of reliability.

    Since the Op has a wireless connection and a second laptop with wireless that needs to connect to the internet why not use the connectify software or the built in netsh commands to create the Ad Hoc network?

    How To Create Wireless Ad Hoc Internet Connection In Windows 8

    Connectify - Turn your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot and Get Faster Internet

    And by the way, with most any modern network interface, crossover cable is no longer required for ICS connections, the capability is built into the NIC these days.
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    I suggest mHotSpot freeware. It's awesome, simple and lightweight.
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Sharing a WiFi connection to another computer via ethernet
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