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How to share files on windows 8

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    How to share files on windows 8

    Hey guys.

    I have been trouble sharing files with windows 8.

    I basically went into network & sharing center and turned all of the options to ON (or yes, whatever lol).

    The machines are both running windows 8 on a wifi network.

    I noticed a few things:

    If you right click the wireless network, you can "toggle" and turn on/off file sharing. This is a tad confusing, windows 7 never had this option.

    Also, do you need to be on a "homegroup" in order to share on windows 8?

    Windows 8 sharing is a tad confusing, here's why.

    There are a million variables!

    Variable 1: Variable 1 is comprised of a million different variables and is the "network and sharing center". I Have all options set to "On", and still can't share. Grrr.

    Variable 2: Variable 2 is the right clicking on the WiFi network and clicking "turn network sharing on or off". Mine is set to off at the moment, but why is this separate from variable 1? Confusing!

    Variable 3: The final variable I can think of having a homegroup. I don't have a homegroup setup right now, do I need all machines to be on a homegroup to start file sharing between computers?

    What I want: I want to be able to share entire computer contents between machines.

    Back in the windows 7 days I used to be able to hit "run" and type in //computerame/c$ and I had complete file access to other computers on the network. Can anyone tell me how to accomplish that with Windows 8? That way I can access all files, not just "shares" on computers on the network.

    Thanks for any networking gurus out there.


    PS: Right now, when I try to connect to other machines on the network, I get a username/password prompt. No matter what I input I get an error and it won't work.

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    You don't have to set up a Homegroup in order to share files and folders. The workgroup works fine for that although there are certain advantages to setting up a Homegroup such as network security and selective user sharing.

    To enable sharing just go to the network and sharing center and turn on Network Discovery, File and Printer Sharing etc.

    The link below shows how to share the entire User folder although this folder and everything in it are already shared by default.
    shared by default??
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    Hello Doubts,

    If all the computers on your network are Windows 7 and/or Windows 8, then creating a homegroup on one PC and joining the homegroup on the other PCs would be the easiest way to do so IMO. The tutorials below can show you more on this. Be sure to check all settings mentioned in the tutorial on all PCs so that they are able to join the homegroup.

    Afterwards, you could set what folders or drives you would like to set to be shared by the "homegroup" from within "Network" in File Explorer on the other PCs.
    Hope this helps,
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How to share files on windows 8
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