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Connected to the internet but not network?

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    win8 god knows why

    Connected to the internet but not network?

    So as the title suggests and as proved by me typing this I am connected to the internet but not to any networks lol
    when I hover over the connection in the task bar it says identifying internet access. When I open network and sharing centre it says I am not connected to any networks and when I look at the network profiles in advanced sharing it shows guest/public as connected anyone else experiencing this? I am pretty much tearing my hair out as it appears that it is only my windows 8 machine doing this as I have 2 laptops which are running windows 7 and they are both connected to the network with a home profile and have full network access to each other just not the 8 machine i have no options to change the profile from guest to home on my windows 8 machine as it doesnt show the machine connected to a network argghhhh endless circle
    any help greatly appreciated as I have tried everything
    Click image for larger versionthis is me connected to the net
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    This problem keeps coming up but the only solutions I can find are outlined in the link below. It has to do with permissions getting changed on certain registry keys that relate to networking.

    Windows 7 states I'm not connected to any networks when in fact I am connected to my wireless network??
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Connected to the internet but not network?
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