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Win 8 PC kills broadband when booted

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    Win 8 PC kills broadband when booted

    Hi guys,

    I have a new desktop PC, cyber power battalion 502 running windows 8. When I boot this machine up internet access stops to all my other devices including laptops, tablets and phones.

    If I reset the router then all devices get good internet connection including the win 8 PC.

    I have a BT home hub 3 router.

    At first the new PC had a wireless USB dongle, so I replaced that with a different one but the problem persists

    Next I wired the win 8 pc to the router with an Ethernet cable but still the same problem occurs.

    Now I swapped the router to a net gear and we still have the same problem

    I think I have isolated the problem down to the new pc itself unless there is a strange problem with the BT line. BT suggested a problem with the power supply on the PC but it doesn't make sense, like most advice from BT!!

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


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    Is the router in any way physically connected to the problem pc?

    Did you manually assign an IP address to this PC?
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    Hi, I was giving up hope for a response so thanks!

    The router isn't physically connected to the PC, just via a USB wireless dongle. I have tried to connect the PC to the router via an Ethernet cable to see if the wireless dongle was the issue, but the same problem occurred.

    I didn't manually assign an IP address to this PC either.
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    I can see absolutely NO reason why your turning on your PC to cause a network failure, especially when there is no physical connectoin to it.

    My only thought was an IP conflict, but you say that you did not enter one manually and the PC naturally resolves those conflicts.

    Does it do this enough times where you'll know when its behaving?

    lets use the wireless method, and disconnect the ethernet cable

    Start the computer in safemode with networking browse your network or web.

    Restart computer, browse some more..

    Shutdown computer, then startup computer and browse? is everything working ok?

    Or still crashes system?

    Restart computer in normal mode..

    Below are two files that will bring you to and from safemode, run the Safemode Boot only once

    Your computer will remain starting up in safemode until you execute the other file normal boot.

    Lets see how this goes..

    SafeMode Boot w Networking.bat

    Normal Boot.bat

    copy these files to your desktop and run as administrator by right clicking them and selecting run as administrartor.
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    Hi, thanks again.
    I installed the boot files and fired up the system in safe mode.

    As soon as I select my wireless network and connect, the broadband internet connection drops. If I look at my router the broadband indicator is orange (which indicates broadband is out)

    Then if I shut down the problem PC, the broadband comes back on and I can surf with the other devices on the network.

    Fire up the PC again, broadband drops again.

    One more thing I noticed. If I leave my problem PC running, and then reset the router then the problem PC successfully connects to broadband. I can restart the problem PC over and over and the connection remains fine.

    To get the problem to occur again I need to boot the router when the problem PC is off. Then booting the PC causes the problem again.

    All this is with wireless, no Ethernet cable.
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    What type of wireless dongle, brand make/model, are you using to make this wireless connection? What make/model modem/router are you using?

    The first thing I would do is make sure I have the latest windows 8 driver for the wireless dongle installed. Next I would check with the vendor of the the router and make sure I have the latest firmware installed. They both can be brand new devices with outdated drivers and firmware....needs to be checked.
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    Hi bass fisher,

    I used a netgear wireless dongle with latest drivers first, then replaced that with another dongle from lap tone with latest drivers.

    I also get this with Ethernet cable so I think that eliminates the dongles as cause?

    I swapped routers too, I'm using a BT home hub 3, and swapped for a net gear. Got the same issue so went back with BT home hub 3.

    BUT I haven't tried a firmware update on the router.....

    I can try that now and get back with results

    Thanks guys
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    OK, BT manage the firmware updates on these routers - but its on the latest version anyway
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    Do you turn the modem & router off over night?

    If Yes.

    1) Turn modem on.(BT EchoLife HG612)
    2) Wait 30 sec.
    3) turn router on.(BT home hub 3)
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    Hi theog,

    I never turn off the router,

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Win 8 PC kills broadband when booted
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