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port redirection

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    port redirection

    My ISP provides secure imap access to my email accounts hosted on their servers. Recently, my company blocked port 993 (imap ssl) - however, port 443 remains open (https). At my home router, I can forward port 443 to my Windows 8 64-bit machine. I'm looking for a program that will redirect traffic inbound on port 443, outbound on 993 to my ISP's email server so I can use imap at work.

    Is this something that can be natively done, and if not, is there such a program? It looks like there is something called PassPort for XP that might do it (PassPort port forwarding utility Win XP | Free System Administration software downloads at, but I was wondering if there was something better.


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    If you company is blocking 993 then how can you redirect to something your ISP will accept as IMAP? Will they accept a different port?
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    My company permits traffic on 443. The trick would be to tell Outlook to use 443 for imap to my home computer, and have my home computer forward inbound traffic on 443 outbound on 993 to my email server. That's what I'm experimenting with.
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    I'm trying to get this clear in my mind.

    At work, all is well, right?

    It's only at home that there is a problem? Don't you have two different E-mail accounts, one for work and one for home? If so, can't you set each one up with the IMAP settings you need?

    I've never used IMAP so may be completely wrong on this. I know with POP3, I can set each account up with a different POP and SMTP server and change port settings as needed. I thought perhaps you could do the same with IMAP.

    I'm sure I'm missing something.
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    Yes, I have a work account and a personal account.

    No. All at work is *not* alright. I can get personal email, e.g., from my daughter into my work account. The problem is, if I want to save the email from my daughter in the "Emily folder" of my personal account, I can't do it. I used to be able to, before work blocked 993; then I could drag an email from the inbox of my work Exchange account directly into the imap folder of my personal account with Outlook - it supports multiple account connections of various types. Now that's busted.

    I can tell Outlook to use 443 for imap, because work does not block this port. If between my Outlook client and my personal email server, I can translate 443 to 993, I'm golden. That's what I'm trying to do with my home computer. I think I can use putty to translate 443 ->, but I forgot to unblock 443 inbound to my PC at my router (I did unblock it on W8's firewall). It will take another trip home to set it up.

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    Okay, thanks for being patient. I just wanted to understand what you were trying to do.
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    I just discovered this old thread of mine, and realized I did not close it out! I was able to accomplish my goal, using a nifty little program called "SPI Port Forward". It takes traffic from some inbound port you specify (in my case, 443) and forwards it to another IP and port you specify (in my case, port 993 of my email server's IP address). It works like a charm! Two other things I had to do:
    1) Use NAT on my home router - whose IP address (let's say is on the internet - to map all traffic to, to the internal address of my home computer (
    2) Unblock traffic on port 443 of my home computer's Windows Firewall coming from my router (

    Now I can access my email server transparently from work, as if port 993 were open on my work's firewall.

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port redirection
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