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    Airplane Mode

    Hi! Got a new toshiba recently, windows 8. For the last 2 days it keeps going automatically into airplane mode, making me loose my internet connection. Any ideas how to turn it permanently off?

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    It could be due to any factory installed software to save battery. Check for installed programs to see if there's any such feature to auto-enable airplane mode during idle time.
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    Thanks, I'll try. But I was actually working on Sky Drive, not idling.
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    Mine has been doing this too. It started Saturday and I had my laptop in my bag. Since then it has happened two more times. Once was this morning. No new software was installed.
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    There is an airplane mode button on Toshiba's right there on the keyboard. I'm not sure which button it is but try installing the updates from the Toshiba support site.

    It may have been pressed when it was in sleep mode or when it was put in a bag or something.
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    It will do that if you are in Standby mode. What models are these Toshiba laptops? Have both of you loaded the latest updates from Toshiba? Do both of you have your Bios up to date?

    Usually when the unit wakes up, it will be in Wireless Off & Airplane mode on. Once it wakes up and the wireless wakes up, the Airplane mode should turn off and Wireless turns back on.

    Make sure that the adapter is not set to allow it to control putting the unit to sleep. Also make sure in Advanced Power settings, that you do not allow the laptop to go into Hibernate mode. You can disable Hibernate from a Command Window as administrator, then use without the quotes "powercfg /hibernate off" to disable.

    It appears that this is a common case with Windows 8.x and all units. In that Airplane mode goes into effect when the unit is placed into Standby or Hibernate.
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Airplane Mode
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